I have opened 2 claims regarding my parcel which has NOT been delivered to my customer. I posted out an order to a customer who was awaiting their delivery as a gift for her partner.

I gave tracking details and on day of intended delivery. She tried to track and nothing was showing. I contacted P2Go nd was told that it was received and tracking would start showing, they were contacting the courier. The day after still no movements, so I advised customer to keep checking.

A new order had to be made and arranged to meet customer, which was late and still leaves me out of pocket.....order was £15 plus delivery - which is what I am claiming.

I put in the claim and a few days later was told it was delivered and claim closed. I contacted the customer to check if she received and was told she had no delivery. I then made a new claim to dispute and today have received a message the claim is closed as delivered......this is completely ridiculous as you have issued no proof of delivery and customer is saying she has not received. Where is the signature or picture to say delivered???

Nothing but claim closed again!!!

I want the issue resolved by a person as this case is not closed.

I am a small business trying to keep my business afloat during this pandemic and I cannot afford the loss and had to reproduce order for customer, my time and costs. It is not fair or reasonable I would like a full enquiry.

User's recommendation: Don't use.

Location: London, England

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