To whom it may concern

You have wrote to me to say that my claim has been rejected due to the prohibited item sent.

Why has it taken until now for you to tell me this. I made this entry on my iphone and wasnt clear to me at the time of sending.

You auto filled in the wrong address details, despite the correct post code I used.

You failed to deliver the item, despite me labelling each item correctly.

You sent me a signature which wasnt proof of delivery and have not even bothered to try and trace the consignment.

You failed to acknowledge and respond to me directly as per my request in my letter sent to you by recorded post on 24 February 2021.

You charged me insurance despite not being able to cover the consignment.

You make it very hard for a customer to respond, just saying case closed in an email with a no reply address.

You have failed at every level.

Please refund me for the amount I insured this item for plus the carriage, if you fail to do this I will take it further and will be reporting your company on social media.



Vivienne Hailwood

User's recommendation: I don’t recommend.

Location: Rotherham, England

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