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I have used Parcel to numerous times . On the 24/5/21 i decided to use In Post to deliver my parcel to an Ebay customer .This was the first time I'd used In Post & the last i may add .

I went into the Newsagent at Wright St Renfrew .The guy in the shop directed me to these In Post lockers next to the shop .I scanned the box , on the screen came an id number & at the same time a compartment opened up. I put the box into the compartment and checked it was secure .

i pressed proceed the screen went back to the splash screen which I assumed everything was complete , finding it strange no receipt was given .A week later I had the customer opening a case in Ebay Not received . When I go onto the Parcel to go site to make a claim It says i can't even though I took out additional insurance .When i go onto the site to talk to someone about the case Not a response .Can you please explain ?

User's recommendation: Wouldn't use In Post.

Location: Renfrew, Scotland

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